About us

Al Khan is a men fabric shop based in Qatar. It was founded in 1954 and has been passed down through different generations. Keeping our Arabian styles and twist, we flourished to be part of the best top sellers for men fabric all over Qatar. Our quality and unique designs has been the talk of the town and still is. We never cease to satisfy our loyal customers and grab more customers’ attention to our store.

What Makes Us Different?

We pick our fabrics cautiously worldwide. Our English fabric is suitable to our Qatari weather and humidity, our summery fabrics are one of the finest Japanese factories and both have the finest embroideries, and is stitched perfectly.

Vision and Mission


We aim to be the leaders in our market and be ambassadors.


Al Khan Stores guarantee excellence, luxury, uniqueness, durability, and efficiency to its clients.


1. Excellence

2. Quality

3. Excellent Customer Service

4. Uniqueness

5. Ethics

6. Professionalism


Al Khan Stores is always there to set trends in Qatar and make men admire fashion as women do. The people behind these stores love their business and always give the best to all.